02 June 2009

Buona Festa della Repubblica!

And a happy June 2nd to everyone outside Italy!

The rain finally stopped late this morning. (It had stopped late yesterday too, but started up again overnight.) The sun even came out. With luck we'll be able to do some work on the site tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, the crew went off to Rome for a couple of days, colleague Sarah Harvey went for today, and I hit Terni this morning, where they have a lovely archaeological museum with finds from the Bronze- and Iron-age cemeteries in and around the city, as well as lots from the Roman period, including a lovely epigraphical collection. Yesterday Sarah and I made it to the wine museum in Torgiano (no samples, alas).

01 June 2009


And lots of it! No digging for a couple of days and the gang is off to Rome.

31 May 2009

Bastardo and other places

Took a little spin in the car Saturday morning and visited a few towns, like Bastardo (yes, it also means what you think it means), Torri and Marcellano. Good thing I didn't wait until today, because it's raining now. (Picture from Torri.)
In other news, excavation in our west trench revealed a fairly large section of cocciopesto floor, which is fairly high up in the stratigraphy (still in the topsoil really), and therefore seems to confirm the theory that there was a later building phase (still Roman).