13 October 2011

Getting ready for next year

Yep, we're already working on next summer's season and part of that involves publicizing the field school. Our off-campus office here at Drew just got the Vicus ad Martis project listed on the Study Abroad website. Check it out!

29 September 2011

Drew Tube

Drew University's YouTube channel, Drew Tube, has a short piece up about the dig, featuring current student Alexa Marino, who participated in our fourth season in 2011. A few clips include last year's crew too, so have a look! We're also linked from the main Drew page.

Our web site has also had a little facelift. Check it out!

18 September 2011

Dig website updated!

Phew. Finally got around to updating the dig website. I got inspired by the great photos by our friend Wendy Robinson, as well as the possibilities offered by Apple's nice website-creation software, iWeb. Expect to see some more updates in coming weeks, including a "testimonials" section by dig alumni. (You have been warned!)

Feedback always welcome, of course.

27 July 2011

Report on 2010 Season

The report on the 2010 season has just been published in the FastiOnline FOLD&R series. Knock yourself out.

19 July 2011

In the news

Some items on our closing seminario:

12 July 2011

Closing Conference

An afternoon "Seminario di Studio" at the lovely San Pietro Sopra le Acque is scheduled for tomorrow July 13th, at 3:30 pm. Non mancare! This will substitute for the usual press conference.

30 June 2011

Three weeks already?!?

That was fast!
By now all five of our first-session participants should be home or on their way. The second session is well under way and we'll have a few goodies to report soon. (Sorry, first-session gang, but that's how it goes!) The recent heat has receded somewhat. We got a brief rain shower yesterday and a bit of thunder late today, though no rain in the immediate vicinity.
Thanks again to Amanda, Alexa, Angie, Katelynn, and Michelle for all their hard work!

11 June 2011

First (Half-)Week

We're at our first weekend now, having started on Wednesday. It's rained a bit...OK, it rained a lot on Thursday afternoon, and it's raining lightly this morning. The students have all headed off the Perugia, where we believe a visit to the chocolate factory is on the agenda. The staff are planning an outing to somewhere too.
On site, we've started in with three test trenches, placed according to the results from the geomagnetic surveys of previous years. The water table continues to be much higher than it was in our firs two seasons, perhaps higher even than last year, which means that it still covers the lowest strata we excavated in '08 and'09. This is not helpful. Two of the test trenches are still not quite through the topsoil, so not much to report there.
A presto!

16 February 2011

Summer finalized!

Met today to finalize dates, cost and promo meeting at Drew for this summer's dig session. Sign up now!

30 January 2011

Now in AFOB

Just posted the details for this season's field school at the AIA's Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin. More announcements coming.

Now on Twitter!

Since I've started using Twitter, I figured I would try to get this blog hooked up with it. So from now on, when I use the word "twitter" in a post, that should get it tweeted.

We'll see. :-)

Update: And it works!