26 June 2009

This year's surprise

So here's this year's clean-up surprise: a gladiator on a lamp disc (~3cm tall). He's holding a curved sword in his right hand and a rectangular shield in his left. Looks to be the Thraex-type gladiator. No sign of him on the fragment until the pottery from that area got washed.

Wrapping up

Some more afternoon rain gives me the excuse to post this year's artsy photo.

Busy helping with the drawing of sections from the trenches, taking more photos of finds and various parts of the excavation, and now moving the inventory into my database.

Meanwhile we're scheduling some more meetings (mayor, potential donors) and some more visits for "remote sensing" via geo-magnetic survey and thermograph. Keep posted for results!

21 June 2009


Well, done with active digging anyway. The students are home (or should be) and Sarah and I are off to Rome today whence she leaves Tuesday. More soon.