11 June 2011

First (Half-)Week

We're at our first weekend now, having started on Wednesday. It's rained a bit...OK, it rained a lot on Thursday afternoon, and it's raining lightly this morning. The students have all headed off the Perugia, where we believe a visit to the chocolate factory is on the agenda. The staff are planning an outing to somewhere too.
On site, we've started in with three test trenches, placed according to the results from the geomagnetic surveys of previous years. The water table continues to be much higher than it was in our firs two seasons, perhaps higher even than last year, which means that it still covers the lowest strata we excavated in '08 and'09. This is not helpful. Two of the test trenches are still not quite through the topsoil, so not much to report there.
A presto!

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