18 June 2008

A Totally Sunny Day

Oddly enough for Italy in June, today's post merits its title. Yesterday it rained lightly for most of the afternoon, so we stayed at home and then headed to the museum for a lecture (by me) on ancient urbanism. A bit more tomorrow, and the students who are off to Rome and Pompeii this weekend will have the background to do the homework I'm going to give them.

Nice progress on the site as we have finally started to get to some layers below the topsoil. Some walls have emerged and numerous small coins (folles), most of which are too beat up to be of much use in close dating. The ones that are well enough preserved seem late 3rd - early 4th c. AD. Too soon to go very far with that though.

On a lighter note, last night the Azzurri finally won a game in the European soccer championship, so the sports pages are striking a happier tone.