29 October 2008

Useful Thing with Circles

After watching one of our Italian grad students use a compass and ruler in a very impressive, but ultimately tedious way to calculate the diameter of the rim of a fragmentary vessel (= potsherd), I went on-line to search for a nice printout of concentric circles to make the job easier. Well, I found a couple, but they all printed out wrong, so I made my own this week using VectorDesigner, a decent vector-based drawing program that I got in one of those MacHeist packages.

Anyway, here's the pdf for anyone to use. Make sure that you check the scale after printing. I forgot to turn off the auto-scaling in my printer driver the first time and it ended up shrunk by a tiny bit.

Addendum 29 June 2009: Nearly a year later, I find a bunch of nicer versions of these at the bottom of this page.

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