26 February 2012

2012 Season Tuition Set

I'm happy to announce that we've been able to maintain tuition for this year's Vicus ad Martis field school at the same level as last year. Students will be able to earn 4 credits at the undergraduate level (or 3 at the graduate) for $3,500. This includes three weeks of room and board and local travel with the group to visit nearby sites.

Applications are being accepted on-line until April 16 at the Drew Off-Campus office. Please don't delay, if you know you're coming. This will help us to make some of the logistical arrangements in Italy. We're looking at a potentially larger crew than usual, and the sooner we have an idea of the exact number, the better.

Recently graduated high-school seniors - those entering college in the fall - are also welcome, and our Visitors program also allows (older) non-students to join us for periods as short as a week.

I just updated the project website with the tuition info (and a new front-page photo!).

Buona Domenica! (Happy Sunday!)

PS How's everyone like the new blog layout? I took one of my favorite Massa Martana photos and played around a bit with the fonts and header.

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